• Donors may pledge any amount and may make a pledge per mile completed or a flat-rate pledge for a race (or segment of a multisport event). Once the event is completed, they will receive a follow-up email from RFTL reminding them to make their donation. One hundred percent of money pledged for your race goes to your selected crisis pregnancy center.
  • Donors will have the option to make a challenge pledge, increasing their pledge if you come in under a specified time, place in your age group, etc.
  • Since donations are contingent on your actual participation in the race, you, too, will receive a follow-up email from RFTL prompting you to enter your miles completed (and finishing time, if you have any challenge pledges) so donors can be notified appropriately.
  • Running for Their Lives is not a tax-exempt organization; donations are made through the site but directly to your selected center, and receipts will come from the center supported.
  • When you sign up, you will receive a free tech shirt (or tri top) with the Running for Their Lives logo as well as the logo of the crisis pregnancy center that you select. We ask that you wear this shirt in any race for which you take pledges.
  • We do not require it, but we strongly encourage athletes to make pledges toward their own races.